Opinions about Nuestros Derechos: reviews of 'Adrift'



Reviews of 'Adrift'

The songs on this debut album are pleasantly aggressive and full of ferocity and intensity. So listeners better prepare for fat, nasty, tight guitar riffs, deep, throbbing bass chords, pounding drums and aggressive, rousing vocals. 'Adrift' is a unique album that fans of hard, uncomplicated metal will find to be very worthwile.
- Fret magazine


In general the album is aggressive with a bleak view on mankind. A big plus on the production is the loud and clear bass. (...) A pretty strong album. Harsh and aggressive punk-ish vocals with thrashy riffs and catchy and melodic at times.
- metal-exposure.com


Ignite your flames fireflies; here is three-piece metal suit Nuestros Derechos again. (...) Eighties speed / thrash metal with some primary metalcore influences, as was played back in the day by a select group of appreciated artists (Assassin, Jewel/Mac-11 with Rick Ambrose, Lunatics Without Skateboards and even The Glorious English Dogs one can hear roaring along), and there's nothing wrong with that. (...) Mercilessly delicious!
- musicfrom.nl


Nuestros Derechos' sophomore effort, 'Adrift,' is just as Thrash laden and rhythmic as their debut three years ago. (...) One thing that 'Adrift' does very well that most Thrash bands don't is show off the bass, which is almost always buried with the rest of the music. (...) It is much better than the average 'Slayer' copy music bands out there.
- brutalism.com


Nicely done crossover with some strong references from the eighties thrash American style. 'Adrift' is simply sheer fun. You know right from the start of it what can be expected from the rest of the album. And that’s energetic played crossover with a strong and remarkable bass. (...) 'Adrift' is a very welcome effort in todays scene due to it’s raw and honest music. (7.5/10)
- qranq.nl


Nuestros Derechos' music is all about energy and passion. Therefore 'Adrift' contains twelve mostly pretty short, intense and to the point songs. (...) All in all a tastily explosive disc, on which the band has properly channeled their energy, anger and dedication. (...) Straightforward, banging and the do-it-yourself attitude are of paramount importance. The punk attitude of these Dutch thrashers is done justice optimally here.
- wingsofdeath.net


If you are into a nice mixture of left-winged squad hardcore with lots of thrash influences, snoring bass guitars rumbling at the very bottom of its register, trashy thrash guitar playing with some pentatonic patterns, hard ass drum beats together with raw male and female vocals, 'Adrift' is a cd you will have to check out as soon as fucking possible. Nuestros Derechos takes no prisoners and leaves one with little choice but to follow! (75/100)
- lordsofmetal.nl


Thrash with lots of leads, uptempo passages and a snarling vocalist (...) All appreciation for the bands that get around independently. As mentioned, we are dealing here with uptempo thrash, with sufficient variation in instrumental field, and melodic intervals.
- zwaremetalen.com


The band plays fiercely and rages on in a good way on this disc. (...) There is enough variety on this cd, we hear a Dutch song (Bockereyders) with a surprising shuffle, sometimes they reduce some speed (The Great Disruption) and cellist Anne Offermans guests on the beautiful instrumental Koyaanisqatsi. With 'Adrift' Nuestros Decheros have delivered a great first full-length album. Highly recommended for all thrash and hardcore fans.
- utrecht-roxx.nl


As with a lot of three piece bands, they have a raw sound that feels urgent and allows each of the instruments and each different members vocals to be heard without getting lost in the mix or becoming too polished. The band have worked with the same studio team that they have used on all of their previous releases, and this familiarity and knowledge of the bands ideas and has definitely served them well. There is plenty of ‘Adrift’ that does remind you of many other bands and songs, which can be a good and bad sign. Thankfully for Nuestros Derechos, on this release it seems to work.
- alternativematter.net


[Nuestros Derechos] really do lay down the chords and blast beats which are undeniably thrash metal, yet, with some sick bass lines and singing that help drive this album towards punk. (...) You add the complexity of the thrash metal influenced guitar work with the vocal styles, thumping bass, Johnny's hyper blasting on the drums and it becomes the type of music where you could easily imagine punx mixing it up with headbangers in the pit. (4/5 stars)
- thrashhead.com


The twelve songs are bursting with energy and the vocals are brought forward powerfully. The lyrics speak for themselves and won't make you feel cheerful! The songs bear an extremely bleak view of humanity. (...) The whole album is catchy and offers variety in tempi, styles and even more surprising elements. (...) Although it's performed by just a trio, 'Adrift' is an album to recommend! I will certainly spin this epic work more often in my cd player.
- maxazine.nl


'Adrift' is competently done (...) The melodic leanings have been increased quite a bit, both in the riff and lead sector, seldom interrupted by more brutal outbursts (the death metal cut Bockereyders). Casual more technical moments (the diverse headbanger Schizophrenia; the hectic closer Trash Vortex) can be caught, and The Great Disruption is a heavier, doomier, cut.
- thethrashmetalguide.com